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Need a Sports Physical? Visit Our Children Clinic Near Me

You know a sports physical is required if your child wants to play sports in Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding area. But you also know it’s common sense to have your child’s health regularly checked. So when you’re ready to search on your mobile phone for a children clinic near me, contact the sports physical pros at Morning Star Pediatrics. We know how to keep your child on the floor, field, ice, court, mat, or wherever you compete.

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What is a Sports Physical?

It’s a physical exam that helps decide whether or not it’s safe for your child to participate in a given sport. Here in Arizona, our state requires that kids have a sports physical before their practices and competitive season begins. Even if it wasn’t required, having your child’s health checked is always in season. It just makes sense.

Why Our Children Clinic Near Me

Morning Star Pediatrics will make sure your child receives the proper health checkup and sports physical he or she needs. This will keep medical records and health history current while also ensuring your child has received all proper immunizations. Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to discuss anything health related in a proper, confidential venue – unlike at mass screenings at schools or pharmacy clinics. Besides, if something unusual is found, you don’t want anything potentially delaying sports participation. A visit to our children clinic near me will save time. You can also save time by filling out health history forms which are conveniently located on our website.

When is the Best Time for Sports Physicals?

The back-to-school rush isn’t just for clothes and school supplies – it’s also for sports physicals. Many people put them off all summer then rush to get them completed at the last minute. Avoid the last-minute surge by scheduling your routine health checkup during your child’s birthday month. If that’s not possible, try to get it done two months before the sports season begins. This will allow plenty of time to circumvent any problems that arise and address any issues that could delay your child’s participation. If you think your child is even slightly interested in playing a particular sport, get your exam done today with us so you can put all your focus on watching your child play. When you look for a children clinic near me, look for Morning Star Pediatrics.

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