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We Offer Telehealth as Part of Our Pediatric Care

The current pandemic has shown us a lot about the way in which we offer pediatric care. One new method is with telehealth. It’s a patient and outcome centered method to telemedicine which makes a difference for everyone involved. Here at Morning Star Pediatrics, we’ve embraced this new method of communication to meet the high standard our families expect.

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Patient Convenience in Pediatric Care

Did you know Gilbert is now the sixth-largest municipality in Arizona? With a mere 2,000 residents in 1970, we’ve exploded to over 250,000 residents. That makes our beautiful town a very busy place. When life gets as busy as it is here, people need to save time. They want instant answers and results. Telehealth offers that and more to everyone involved. It’s particularly in demand for today’s new families who already fit the tech-savvy, increasingly mobile world.

Surprisingly, COVID-19 Got Us Here

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the demand for telehealth in pediatric care as more and more people looked for ways to avoid public contact. Our office has been at the forefront of this user friendly technology and we embrace visits through this medium.

Healthcare from Home

If you’d like to receive medical attention from the convenience of your own home to reduce the exposure risk to COVID-19, feel free to use our telehealth option. Morning Star Pediatrics will do our best to diagnose non-emergency medical issues and, if necessary, transmit prescriptions to your current pharmacy in Gilbert, AZ. We view this method as an affordable option to deliver quality care that fits your schedule and lifestyle. Bear in mind, telehealth is not recommended if you are experiencing serious symptoms or ones that need X-rays or images taken. If you are in need of these, please call 911 or go straight to the emergency room.

Set Up a Telehealth Appointment in Gilbert, AZ

We want your pediatric care to be simple and convenient. Contact Morning Star Pediatrics in Gilbert, AZ to set up your appointment today. We look forward to serving you and your family.

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