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Vaccinations have never been as important as they are now. Admittedly though, it can be a perplexing topic. What is the difference between immunizations and vaccines? Which ones does my child need? At what age for each? When you’re ready to cut through the confusion, look for pediatric offices near me right in Gilbert, AZ. At Morning Star Pediatrics, we’ll help you understand the proper vaccinations you need at the right time.

As we all know by now, vaccinations don’t just protect your child from harmful diseases, they keep others safe around them by greatly reducing the chance of spread. With knowledge of deadly illnesses like polio, diphtheria and now COVID-19, our team is here to ensure you’re protected. A vaccine is essentially a dead, weakened version, or a piece of the germ which causes that disease. By being offered that part of it in vaccine form, the immune system builds up antibodies that protect them from getting it in the first place. 

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Pediatric Offices Near Me – Keeping Track for You

It’s very important to keep detailed records of the vaccinations your child receives. We’ll do our part, of course, but people move, records get lost and the one person most responsible is you. Our office can give you a handy records form, but you should keep it in a secure place you’ll always remember. The CDC has handy forms and schedules available on its website. If you missed an immunization, don’t worry. Chances are, we can pick up where you left off.

What Shots Are Needed?

Most experts from any pediatric offices near me recommend the following immunizations by age 2:

  • 1 combination vaccination for measles, mumps and rubella.
  • 4 vaccinations for Haemophilus influenza, an upper respiratory infection.
  • 3-4 polio vaccinations.
  • 4 vaccinations for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.
  • 3 vaccinations for hepatitis B.
  • 1 vaccine for varicella (chickenpox) sometime after 12 months if your child doesn’t develop chickenpox on their own.
  • 3 vaccinations for rotavirus.
  • 4 vaccinations for pneumococcal disease.

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